Habitat for Humanity

habitatObviously, this is a household charity name… so it seems weird to be highlighting them on the blog. However, I recently learned of exactly how the local affiliates of Habitat manifest themselves in their communities, and it is far more thoughtful and beautiful than what I could have imagined. Basically, it is common knowledge that they build houses and provide these houses to individuals using much-subsidized mortgages. However,  your local Habitat may also…

  1. Have focus communities in which they work to develop resources surrounding the families they serve
  2. Work to reduce environmental impact and lower costs by mainly restoring old properties rather than building new ones. And, when they do build new ones, they build in an environmentally conscious way
  3. Intentionally cause the neighborhood to welcome their new residents by improving properties to raise the value
  4. Provide emergency home repairs to veterans
  5. Provide emergency home repairs to seniors
  6. Serve as grant distributors to many other community service organizations
  7. Provide a way for large companies and organizations to do community service without exploiting their clients.
  8. Work with the families who have their houses on a wide variety of things, such as job skills and financial literacy, in addition to the mortgage
  9. Fundraise through a “ReStore” in which they sell refurbished construction materials
  10. Have an international branch who build houses all over the world!

So, if you’re like me and thought Habitat was just a place you go for a day of service that gives out houses, you were also dead wrong. Therefore, please consider becoming an advocate, volunteer, or donor of this incredible organization.

For more information, or to find YOUR local Habitat affiliate, check out their website


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