The Definition of Hospitality (according to Ritz Carlton CEO Horst Schulze)

ritzcarltonDo not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. -Hebrews 13:2

This blog is all about the various ways that every single ordinary person can change  the world that we live in for the better. One of those ways that we can all change the world is through hospitality. If you would like to understand more how hospitality can change the world, please check out some of my previous posts addressing the topic here, here, and here.

Today, I had the incredible honor of sitting and watching Horst Schulze address some of the leaders of our church. Mr. Schulze is in charge of the Ritz Carlton hotel group. Without a doubt, you already know that the Ritz Carlton is a brand synonymous with going above and beyond in service to their  customers. We are called to the same, but in our case as Christians, our customers are our brothers and sisters in Christ and those who are poor, weak, sick, in prison, and in need of the love of Jesus.

He said that hospitality is, in its most basic form, a benchmark of civilization. All guests should be received as if they are Christ himself, and once received, should be the focus of our concentration. Excellent hospitality is defined as doing your function, whatever that may be, in a way that makes the guests want to return and feel important. One person can define an experience for another. Excellent hospitality can change how a person views you, the organization or group you represent, and themselves. Moreover, it is a decision to be excellent.

Therefore, I am challenged today, and I would like to challenge you, to change the world through excellent hospitality. For me, this means praying for wisdom to decide where to invest my time, so that instead of doing a lot, I can do what I do with excellence and joy. Pray about how you can incorporate excellent hospitality into your own life, since the renown of the Ritz Carlton name itself shows how that concept can be world-changing.


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