Dan’s House of Hope

dansHappy Friday! I hope that you are reading this having had a good week. The past few weeks have brought a lot of good news to those around me. In particular, a good friend in her early twenties who was suffering with brain cancer recently completed treatment and is officially IN REMISSION!

I believe that the mind and body are connected and that a huge part of her healing so well is thanks to the hospitality she received at Dan’s House of Hope, this week’s nonprofit highlight.

In order to receive the treatment that ended up curing her, my friend had to travel to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. She knew no one there, and therefore had no idea where she could stay during the treatment that was 90% outpatient based. There are several amazing residential homes for childhood cancer patients, and some for adults. However, most adults that get cancer are 50+ and my friend is 24. So, there did not seem to be many promising options for forming friendships with likeminded people. Enter Dan’s House of Hope: An apartment-style living facility for young adults undergoing cancer treatment. This place is amazing. Through its many, many optional programs, beautiful living space, and amazing donors, it doesn’t just provide a place to stay, it provides a home. In their words:

Dan’s House of Hope helps young adults fighting cancer heal through community, supportive programming and home away from home services that reduce isolation, decrease financial burdens and nourish hope.

It is truly an amazing place. I encourage any Houston-area readers to volunteer, and anyone not around there to consider donating. However, not only is the place amazing, so is the story behind it. Dan, the namesake of the house, was an amazing young man who passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. During his treatment, he did feel isolated being in his age group at an adult cancer facility, and away from home. Therefore, he had an idea to start an adult cancer patient home for people who are younger so they can find community. Soon after his death, his parents decided that they could not move on without him, so they moved on with him and fulfilled his dream for the home. The parents live in the house and from what I hear, are CONSTANTLY serving the young adults and their families. My friend found a home there, as do many others. They are so worthy of support, and are therefore this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world.

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