Loving People who Don’t Have “Dad”

fathers dayTomorrow is an amazing day. Father’s Day. There are many, many dads, including my own that will and should be celebrated tomorrow and every day. So, I don’t want this post to somehow take away from that fact. However, the reality is that there are an exceptional number of people I love who, for a variety of reasons, do not have an active father figure in their lives. As I was thinking about this, I started to think about how if I were in their shoes, I may hurt for that “missing” role on Father’s Day. The Bible says that God is a father to the fatherless. But, we are his body. So, how can we live that out on a day like tomorrow. I do not know, but I have some ideas. These ideas are this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world.

No assumptions

Something I’ve kind of done in this post, and something I want to avoid applying to my friends without fathers, is assuming anything about their relationship to that role. Maybe they do not feel grief about it, and maybe they do. Maybe they even have someone that they consider a father. But, maybe they are really hurting and want a listening ear. Always take the position of not-knowing.


When discussing your Father’s Day plans, don’t dwell on them. Be sensitive to people that can’t have them


Tying in with sensitivity, show that you are grateful for the dad you have. Don’t complain about little things your dad does on this day. One, that isn’t loving to him, and two, that isn’t loving to people who may be feeling lonely on this day.


When your friends do show or say that this day is hard for them, make a conscious effort to love them well. Take them out for coffee, talk about other things, do whatever your friend may need in order to know that earthly fathers are temporal, we ALL have a heavenly father that loves us with a perfect and undying love.

So, if you are a dad, thank you for all you do! If you have a dad, enjoy celebrating him tomorrow. And if you don’t have an earthly father in your life right now, know that you are SO loved.

Until next week, world changers…


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