Know Your Resources!

wheelHello! I hope you all enjoyed the Fourth of July. Something I love about living in Atlanta is the wide variety of diverse organizations that offer the potential for service. However, Atlanta is by no means unique in that regard. Most places, even small towns, have various nonprofit organizations that are able to meet different needs. However, a sad thing happens when the community members and the nonprofits themselves do not make themselves aware of each other: resources are wasted trying to do211 the same thing. Oftentimes, we will see a need and want to help, but be unable to help on our own accord. Then, one of two things will occur: we will be able to refer to an agency that specializes in that need, or we will try something piecemeal resulting in that need not really being met in the best way possible. Therefore, this week’s suggestion of how we can all change the world is to actively educate ourselves about the resources available in our community so we are able to be a resource to others.

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