After School Heroes

afterscholHi there! You may remember a couple of weeks ago that I posted about how you can set children up for success school through participating in a school supply drive. However,  there are ways throughout the school year that you can make sure that kids have a positive school experience and turn into the world-changers of tomorrow. I am going to focus on two here.

After School Tutoring Programs

This is huge. The reality is that most parents have to work, regardless of whether or not they’re in a single parent home. Also, a lot of parents may not have the education or language ability necessary to help their children with difficult assignments, putting them at a disadvantage. After school programs provide tutoring, snacks, and healthy enrichment activities. Furthermore, the people that work and volunteer for them have the potential to be positive role models that speak love and acceptance into the lives of children. The amazing thing is that some jobs schedules allow for volunteering in the 3-6pm range that they are so often needing volunteers to fill. So, if you have one of those jobs, consider locating a program near you. I personally benefitted from public after school programs as a child, so I know the huge impact you would be able to have on the lives of children.

Take-Home Food Programs

Unfortunately, food insecurity in the USA is very real. For too many kafterscholids, the breakfast and lunch they eat at school are the only meals that they can know that they are eating that day. Fortunately, the Feeding America Backpack Program, and similar programs, are helping to change that. Basically, they send backpacks with enough food for decently healthy meals over the weekend home with children on the free lunch program every Friday. That way, children’s brains are being properly fed and getting the nutrition they need. You can contact your local food bank to get involved by donating food or doing the FUN job of stuffing and distributing these bags.

So, I hope you are inspired to get involved in helping kids succeed. Have a beautiful week!

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