Independent Book Stores

bookmark_hereswhat_local_20032013_152958.pngHappy Friday! I am super excited for this weekend because Labor Day weekend contains one of my favorite events of the entire year: the Decatur Book Festival. So, I am suggesting a way that book-lovers like me can help make the world a better place (besides volunteering at Books for Africa).  You can help improve your world by supporting independent bookstores in your community! It is no secret that Amazon, and even big box stores like Barnes and Noble, squelch competition and make it difficult for bookstores that have been around for ages to stay around. So, why not help them? Independent bookstores have formed a rich cultural network. I am not a particularly outgoing person, and I have a naturally awkward disposition, but every time I have ever been inside one of these stores, I end up having a great conversation with the owner. I think the way that supporting these stores improves the world is summed up best by a bookmark I received inside a book I purchased from them. Please see it to the left. If you agree that supporting these stores improves the world, please check one out this Labor Day Weekend. Whatever you do this holiday, be safe and have fun!

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