More Than Cookies?

Before jumping into this week’s post, I did want to comment on the past week’s events. While these deaths have been getting more media attention as of late, the mistreatment and murder of black Americans, men in particular, is not a new problem. One victim of racially influenced targeting by police is too many. And there are thousands. We need to be better than this. #BlackLivesMatter.

Now, for this week’s regularly scheduled programming…

gsIt has been proven time and time again that when you empower women in a community, you empower the entire community. There are improved schools, better economies, and more, all because women have an equal chance as men. Unfortunately in the US, this is not always the case. Pay disparity and gender discrimination in the workplace is real. Luckily, several organizations, including the Girl Scouts, are telling girls that they can achieve their dreams. For over 100 years, the Girl Scouts has been a beacon of hope for young girls living in male-privileged society. When society tells women they are defined by their physical appearance, not worthy of leadership and equal pay, and bad at math, the Girl Scouts tell a girl that she is powerful, smart, and capable.

Until recently, I was under the impression that the Girl Scouts were a cute club for middlegs class suburbanites that had the magical power to make me eat cookies with every meal for a month. But I had the chance to learn about their program, and now I realize how misguided I had been (except about the magic power part… there has to be something illegal in those cookies). So this week’s suggestion for how to change the world is to EMPOWER the future women of the world through volunteering with Girl Scouts. And signing up the young women in your life to be one.

Here are some reasons why…

  1. They teach girls to honor the environment.
  2. They provide active programming in the STEM fields, in which women are grossly underrepresented.
  3. They encourage girls to explore who they are, which develops a confidence that can carry them to adulthood
  4. They teach business skills to young women who can then apply those later in life to entrepreneurship
  5. They encourage POSITIVE female friendship rather than competition.

Those are why I love the Girl Scouts, but after you volunteer I am sure that you will find so much more. Support women empowerment, and volunteer!

One thought on “More Than Cookies?

  1. I’ve been involved with Girl Scouts since I was 5 and have learned a lot about leadership, empowerment, and just being downright awesome. It’s a program most people overlook and it’s so much more than cookies – though having sold cookies prepared me well for selling books.

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