Pit Rescue

pit1Happy Friday! I am here with a fun and cute way to change the world this week… because I think we could all use some positivity. Then some thoughts that I wanted to put out somewhere  but just don’t know how or where.
Good news first… it seems people are finally coming around to the fact that pit bulls arepit-2 not bad animals. In fact, they can make excellent pets! In pit-4fact, I have a pit bull mix from the pound that is annoyingly sweet and seems to believe he is a lap dog. But, because of the stigma surrounding this breed, there are many that go euthanized or in shelters since so many places have rules about keeping them. (My dog lives with my brothers in part because my dog-friendly apartment complex bans pit bulls.) And, quite frankly, so many people don’t want them. Luckily, pit bulls rescues have come to the rescue! I’d argue that every major city has at least one. So, if you want to be involved in this awesome work, my suggestions to change the world go in steps, from least difficult to most difficult.
1. Don’t stigmatize pit bulls or any other breed
2. Volunteer at a pit bull rescue or no-kill animal shelter… I mean, who doesn’t want to play with dogs?
3. Donate to a pit bull rescue or mo-kill animal shelter
4. Provide a loving home! Obviously, this depends on your situation. But, if you are going to get a dog, why not help one in need?
Now, for some cute photos before sharing my less-than-happy thoughts.
Donald Trump:
The only point on which I agree with Mr. Trump is that America is in a bad place morally. The reason I agree with him on this point is that he has the support of many Americans.
If racism, xenophobia, ignorance, sexism, breaking tax laws for his foundation, finding legal ways to not pay income tax, dismissing description of assault as “locker room talk”, his praise of dictators, conspiracy theories, and encouragement of violence are not enough to make you question his ability to lead this country. Surely, the fact that he actually committed sexual assault is.
All of the arguments of “actions versus words” just went out the window.
Now, your step to change the world that I am suggesting is to believe what survivors are saying. There has been so much dismissive rhetoric of the survivors of Trump’s “advances” that I actually wouldn’t be shocked if people started asking what they were wearing.
You guys. This isn’t about politics anymore. This is a choice about who we are going to be.

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