There are other things to vote for…

safeharbor_boxlogo_amend_lgrThe ridiculousness of this presidential election has a lot of people focused on only the presidential race. Even worse, it has a lot of people saying they are going to sit it out altogether. That’s fine. Don’t vote for president if you don’t want to, but there are other things on the ballot this November. Also, these things will affect your life just as much, and in many cases MORE, than who is president. This week’s proposal of how an ordinary person can change the world is to EDUCATE yourself on the ballot measures in your state and to ACT by voting your conscience on these measures.

For example, in my home state of Georgia, there are two major amendments that come down to human rights- and I should know why I select what I do. One creates a new, state-run “Opportunity School” district for chronically failing schools. The other creates a safe harbor fund for survivors of sex trafficking to receive government funding for services.

As you see, whether or not a child graduates high school and whether or not a victim of slavery gets help could hinge on how Georgia decides on these measures. I am sure that just as much is on the line where you live. Learn what will be on the ballot, and make educated choices. We cannot believe the media’s perpetuation of the myth that the president is the biggest thing being decided. To do that is to fail in our civic duty.

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