Black Friday Benevolence

Happy Friday, world changers! I am excited because exactly one week from today, no one can look at me like I am crazy for listening to Christmas music, planning gifts to loved ones, and decking the halls of my apartment. It is also Black Friday, a day which has become famous for the insane behavior it inspires in people looking for a deal. If you are participating in the shopping, I hope that you find some great deals! If not, I hope you enjoy the turkey coma and turkey sandwiches. (Pro tip: Put mashed potatoes on your turkey sandwich. You’ll thank me later.)

However you choose to spend the day after Thanksgiving, I hope it includes this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world, because it produces outstanding joy with very little effort. You can do an act of Black Friday benevloence to a stranger or two. What do I mean by this? Well, read on to find out.

  1. Make a worker’s day.
    As mentioned, it is no secret that people go crazy on Black Friday. So, why not give the person that has to deal with it a little pick-me-up? Last year, I gave Starbucks gift cards to a few Walmart workers, and it put me in a great mood for the whole day! They were appreciative  and its a great way to show someone that you’re thankful for their work.
  2. Warm or feed the campers
    When stores open at 7am, 5am, or even 6pm Thanksgiving day woth ads promising amazing prices on expensive things… you can bet there will be a line well before opening time. So, you can put a smile on some of the people in the queue by giving out donuts, hot chocolate, bananas, coffee, or Christmas cookies. Who knows, you may create a sense of good will in the line that prevents someone from getting maced

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