Thankful Every Day.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

thanksI was going to write about having a fair trade themed Black Friday. But then I stopped. Instead, I want to write how you can change the world by doing what we all stopped to do yesterday… just do it every day. No, I don’t mean eat half of a pie (although, I would like to do that every day). Be thankful. Every day.

In 2015 (a difficult year for me), I spent a few seconds every day writing down something for which I was genuinely grateful. I did it on good days, and I did it on my worst days. I never was at a loss to find something.

This practice is a game changer. Our minds have evolved to focus on problems because if we can’t change our attention from our cute baby to the tiger next to us, our species would not have lasted long. But, fear and negativity can also be crippling. Focusing on what we’re thankful for changes our perspective and aligns it with reality. We are blessed. Let’s act like it.

This will change the world because thankfulness is contagious.

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