Christmas Wish

Happy Friday! I cannot believe that we are a mere 16 days from Christmas! I hope you are all able to slow down and take in some Christmas music this season. This week’s suggestion of how you can help someone else and change the world was actually inspired by my own listening to Christmas music. Two stations in Atlanta are playing nonstop Christmas music. Those two stations also happen to be facilitating “Christmas Wishes” for the community. This means that they are allowing people to submit wishes for themselves or their friends. Then, other members of the community can view these wishes online to grant them. I personally love that idea. It is such a simple way to help others in ways large and small.

So, as you may have guessed, I want to propose that we change the world by granting someone’s Christmas wish. Obviously, we don’t all have access to the type of system I just described. But don’t we all know someone with a Christmas wish? Why not help them out? It could be a very practical need- like helping pay a doctor’s bill or rent. Or, it could be something fun- like buying them a trip out to the movies with their family. Whatever it is, there is some small way all of us can share the joy of Christmas this year beyond our immediate circle.

I hope you enjoy granting someone’s Christmas wish this season. And, I hope someone grants yours!wish


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