Compassion International

Happy Friday! I hope that you are enjoying your first week of 2017! I started out the week volunteering at Passion Conference. There, students sponsored thousands of children through Compassion International. I have sponsored a child through Compassion with my mom since I was a child. Therefore, I was excited to see that Passion Conferences was partnering with this organization.

compassionCompassion International is an NGO that partners with already existing local churches to support children holistically. To support their work, they facilitate child sponsorships, meaning people in the west support the costs of a child in their program. Then, they exchange letters  with the child. In this way, there is lasting investment- both financial and relational.

At Passion Conferences, five countries were covered. To follow up on this amazing show of support, I suggest you also sponsor a child through compassion. $38 a month is a small price to pay for the benefits reaped.


P.S. I have written in the past about the commodification of vulnerable populations through sponsorship programs. I still struggle through this issue, but of all sponsorship organizations, I think Compassion does a better job of honoring their clients.


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