Don’t Waste Your Family

famHappy Friday! This week’s post is going to be a reflection on the sermon I heard last Sunday. So, if you have forty minutes and want a more Christian description of this concept, your time will be much better spent hearing it straight from the source from which I am writing.

Anywho… we all want to help people, do good, and make the world a better place. We all want a role to play in the healing of so many broken things around us. Yet, we often run from the role we were born into: a member of our family. Sometimes, the running is explicit. More often, though, it is a refusal to recognize what is seems much easier accept to accept in any other role of life: we can fill our role with excellence even when others are not. In your role at work, if you have a lazy receptionist, you probably won’t stop working yourself. In your role at school, just because the girl who sits behind you has not started her paper yet doesn’t mean you didn’t. In your role at church, you want to get closer to Christ and better at love, regardless of how many people in your row are hungover.

But then it comes to our roles in our family… as soon as someone drops their role, we are no longer responsible for our own. Honoring our parents as an adult child stops once they do something imperfect. Loving and helping our families (a biblical commandment) is often impeded by not wanting to “ENABLE”. When, in fact, we’re just tired of their problems. 

But why does that happen? Why do we not embrace the role we were born into before all other roles? You were born with a purpose. Therefore, it was on purpose that you were born into your imperfect or perfect, messy or whole, hurting or loving family unit. Don’t waste fulfulling the one role that you can know 100% God wanted you to have, since you had no other choice but to have it.

Disclaimer: there are certain situations in families that are destructive and abusive. This is not a suggestion to accept that or submit to it. Rather, it is a suggestion for all of us to love and encourage whoever is in our family, in whatever way is best for the whole family unit


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