A Charity You’ll Swoon Over…

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

vdayI hope you all enjoyed a Tuesday filled with love, in whatever form it takes in your life. As you may know, every way I post a small everyday way in which an ordinary person can change the world. This week, in honor of the V-Day holiday, I am suggesting that you change the world by becoming involved in V-Day. V-Day is an actual charity, yes. But it has a far more important mission than simply being named for the holiday. V-Day aims to end the pervasive global violence against women and girls that exists in our world today. According to the United Nations, one in every three women will be a victim of physical and/or sexual violence in her lifetime. When you consider the number of women just in your family, that number is staggering. Fortunately, we can change that. V-Day does its part of ending this epidemic through performances, awareness events, and fundraisers to empower people to stop violencce and raise money for organizations like shelters and rape crisis centers that care for survivors.

V-Day began when Eve Ennsler, the original producer of the Vagina Monologues, saw that her groundbreaking production could not only empower women through sharing their own story of violence, but could also create a ripple effect of change. Now, every Valentine’s Day, thousands of events are held to benefit these organizations. But that is just the beginning. Through their campaign, One Billion Rising, V-Day assists in the hosting of thousands of events to empower women, raise awareness, raise money for local women’s organizations, and stop violence. That, my friends, is powerful stuff.

What I love about V-Day (in addition to its mission and 4 star Charity Navigator rating) is that it acknowledges the role of intersectionality on violence against women. This means that it recognizes that poverty, race, and other factors can make some women a target for violence over others. So, while fighting for an end to violence, they also fight for all forms of justice. And, you will never leave a V-Day event leaving helpless or sad. Rather, they do all of their work in a way to empower others. Trust me, I’ve been to an event and it was SO. FUN.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:

  1. Host an Event
    Pick a womens charity in your area and host an event! Here is all the information you need to get started
  2. Attend an Event
    Don’t have the event-planning bug? No problem! There are already thousands. Why not show your support and go?  Use this interactive map to find one in your area.
  3. Donate to a women’s charity
    If there are no events in your area, and you don’t have the bandwith to host, that shouldn’t stop you from stopping violence against women in your area! Pick a local domestic violence shelter or rape crisis center and donate! Oftentimes, these are very small organizations so even the smallest amounts make a difference.

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