Scholarship Sweetness

Happy Friday!

forutune500-scholarships.jpgThis week’s suggestion of how to change the world is, admittedly, not as accessible to everybody as what I normally blog about. However, I think it is more realistic for you than you might think. I have personally benefitted from other people making the choice to do this, so I wanted to write about how all of us could join in at some point.

What is it, you might be asking? Create a scholarship!

Scholarships pave roads to places students could not get to otherwise. They allow students to not be as burdened by student debt, and rewards them for making positive contributions to their world in a variety of ways. By creating a scholarship, you can give as little as $500 each year to positively assist a student who connects with you in some way. The scholarship could even be named after you!

How do you do it? Easy. Simply locate an existing public charity or community foundation which shares your interest. Then, work with them to establish criteria and select a winner. Some community foundations already have programs in place for individuals who may be interested.

So, while this isn’t a readily accesible suggestion like the usual posts, I hope I have at least put this possibility on your radar. Like I said, I have greatly benefitted from people choosing to give scholarships, and I hope to one day do the same for someone else.


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