Three Ways to Help Syria Right Now

You have seen the news.  A gas attack in Syria, presumably committed by President Assad on his own people, has left hundreds of children wounded or dead. The crisis in Syria has led to the largest number of refugees in history, and those who remain in the country are still vulnerable. It is difficult to imagine the scope and depth of suffering brought about by the conflict in Syria over the past several years. It is enough to leave one feeling helpless. But, we cannot look away. To do so would be reprehensible. Here are things you can do right now to make one small contribution to assist the people caught in the crossfire.

  1. Donate to Preemptive Love Coalition. They are on the ground in the Middle East bringing much needed humanitarian aid to people there.
  2. Donate to Doctor’s Wthout Borders. Since the beginning of the conflict, they have been sending supplies to wounded, internally displaced people.
  3. Pray! This is most important. I don’t know why or how God has arranges history like he does, but I do know that somehow our prayers influence his actions as he remains completely sovereign. Pray for peace. Pray for comfort. Pray for mercy for Syria and the people in and around it.

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