Somalia, ICE, and How We Can Help

Happy Friday! I hope that you are enjoying a very sunny and beautiful Spring week like we are in Georgia. As you may have heard, ICE has recently been arresting Somali asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, to deport them to Somalia. The major issue with this is that Somalia is currently plagued by terrorism and draught. It is categorically unsafe to send US residents back to that country. Luckily, we have a voice and can do something about it. Here are some steps recommended by the Coalition for Refugee Services


1) Tell the Department of Homeland Security not to deport to unsafe countries!

2) Call the Somali Embassy and encourage them not to provide travel documents for Somali nationals who may face deportation. Without signed travel documents, provided by the embassy, these men and women cannot be sent back to Somalia, where they may face extremely unsafe conditions.

3) You should also call your Congressional leaders to let them know you oppose sending your neighbors back to an unstable country:

  • Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 (they will help you find your representative)

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