How to Become a Summer Volunteer (Anywhere)

SummerHappy Friday! I hope that wherever you are, you are experiencing this same beautiful Spring weather that has hit Atlanta in full force. Spring has sprung, and with that, summer is just around the bend. So, I thought I would do a post recommending some ways to get involved in world change, for the people like me who may have a summer break from work or school. If you’d like to volunteer this summer, here is an easy way to start

  1. Decide on the work you want to do or the cause you want to help.
    There are so many great choices out there! If you can’t pick a cause, think about what you like doing and what would be a good fit. Summer has an especially high need for camp and community garden volunteers.
  2. Search for opportunities
    Google local charities in your area to find organizations that match your interest. VolunteerMatch also enables potential volunteers to be connected with real needs.
  3. Be real about your commitment
    Communicate with the organization if you are only looking for a summer role, even if they cannot use you after that time. My first choice has that issue, but it doesn’t mean I should over-commit and then flake. As in any volunteer role, follow through on whatever you commit to do.
  4. Grab some friends!
    Everything is more fun with friends. Try to organize at least one day of volunteering together this summer. That way, not only are you changing the world, but you’re empowering others to do the same!

Enjoy your summer, and your volunteering!

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