World Fair Trade Day

Happy World Fair Trade Day! That’s right. It’s today. So, for this weekend’s suggestion of how you can change the world, celebrate it! I know that you probably already have Saturday plans, but there are three simple ways that you can honor fair trade standards, which guarantee that workers at all levels of the supply chain are being paid and not forced to work, and that sustainable extraction is occurring. I hope that you will take time today to do all three! In total, they will take you less than an hour


  1. Educate yourself!
    The first step is to learn about why fair trade even needs a day. The Slavery Footprint quiz can shed light on how the every day products we use are often produced at some level using exploitative labor. The World Fair Trade Organization has some great fact sheets that explain how fair trade certification can help resolve these issues, and contribute to community development and environmental sustainability.
  2. Educate Others!
    Now that you know why fair trade is a good thing for human rights, tell others about it on social media. Just one post can go a long way. You can use the materials in this post, or generate your own
  3. Buy Fair Trade!
    Here’s the fun part: Purchase a fair trade item to support these great standards! Every major grocery store carries some version of fair trade coffees and chocolates. Your town may even have more options, like fair trade sugar, fair trade bananas, and fair trade clothing and housewares such as those found at the nonprofit chain of stores Ten Thousand Villages.

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