Re:Loom – Nonprofit Highlight

reloomHappy Friday!

Every so often, I like to highlight nonprofits that are doing exceptional work in order to encourage you to change the world by lending your support. Re:Loom has earned this week’s spot. I have been familiar with Re:Loom for quite a while now. However, they recently caught my attention once again for the way in which they go above and beyond to operate ethically, even in regards to operations not directly connected to their mission. Read on in order to find out how.

reloom1Re:loom provides job training, a full time job, and free health insurance to homeless and low-income women. In so doing, they create beautifully-designed woven products out of recycled materials. So, they continuing on with their parent organization’s mission to end the cycle of poverty (Re:Loom is a spin-off of the Initiative for Affordable Housing). However, they are also helping the environment. Re:Loom creates products for corporate clients from their old uniforms that would otherwise have been thrown away. And even more, they ethically source the thread used and provide fair trade coffee in their office.

It is truly an incredible organization. If you would like, you can support them through shopping their products.


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