Reading to Change the World

readingHappy Friday!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. I love that we can honor people through celebration, and Memorial Day is one of the many times that allow us to do that. This week, I am back to simple, practical things that any person can do to change the world. This week’s suggestion of how you can change the world is something everyone can choose to do… read to a child or elderly adult. Reading has a lot of positive benefits (see below), and summer is a perfect time to start since so many kids are out of school and may be more open to the idea of reading for fun!

Reading to others has a powerful effect on both you and them.

  • Reading increases the brain connectivity of the person you are reading to, making it easier to learn and improving memory. (Bonus: it will do the same for you)
  • Reading improves the vocabulary of the person to whom you are reading
  • Reading together reduces stress for both people involved
  • Reading together creates a powerful connection and shows the person to whom you are reading that you care for them and are taking time for them

reading1Numerous studies have been done on the benefits to the learning of children and the longevity of adult brain function that can be gained through reading. So, you can read to children or adults to have a positive impact on the world, while doing something you might want to do anyways!

If you want to read to others, but don’t have an outlet, I suggest contacting your local nursing home or after school program. If you look for long enough, I am positive that people will want to take you up on your offer.

Happy reading!

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