This week’s suggestion for how you can change the world for the better is to be consistent with whatever you are consistencydoing to make an impact. Whether you are trying to change the world through advocacy, volunteering, or giving, be very regular about it. In giving, this obviously has value because organizations can then plan for the future knowing they have X amount of money coming each month from the same person. In advocacy, the value is also fairly obvious. People will not see the importance of taking action for an issue right away. To an extent, you have to wear them down. Just like how the Grand Canyon was formed by water rushing over rocks, we can make huge policy or cultural changes by consistently advocating for an issue. An example of this is how our society’s rape culture is beginning to change because multiple people are regularly writing and speaking on the issue.

I have to admit, though, that when it comes to volunteering consistently, I only used to see it as being important if you were working directly with marginalized people. For example, volunteering weekly at a nursing home is of potentially a lot greater value than caroling there once a year for Christmas. However, for other, more logistical projects- it didn’t really seem to me like consistency with volunteers was that important. I was wrong. Recently, I was speaking with the assistant manager of a thrift store that helps to fund Wellspring Living. She was saying that they really do appreciate all volunteers. However, it takes a lot of time and resources to train volunteers, so when large volunteer groups come and never return, awareness is raised about Wellspring Living in general, but the benefit to the store is fairly small.

All that to say, it made me realize that anything we do to change the world makes a larger impact if instead of doing random things here and there, we make a conscious effort to consistently and systemically do something that helps.

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