How will YOU celebrate #WorldFairTradeDay?

worldfairtradeHappy, happy Friday! Today is a special Friday, because it marks the start of the annual World Fair Trade Day weekend (the actual day is tomorrow, May 14). This annual celebration was initiated by World Fair Trade International, but has since become a beacon for ethical purchasing for all fair trade certification bodies and slavery-free supply chain advocates. Fair trade is a system of commerce which ensures that the people who produce the items we consume are treated fairly and paid for their work. Celebrating this day makes a huge difference in the world because it…

  1. Draws attention to the ways fair trade can be an agent for change in ending poverty, human trafficking, and systemic subjugation of women and indigenous people groups
  2. Supports fair trade companies, growing their business and reach
  3. Lets local businesses see that their customer base wants fairly traded products to be available, and therefore increases their availability for everyone in your neighborhood.

With all of those positive outcomes, who wouldn’t want to celebrate? For more information about fair trade, please see our glossary of fair trade terms. If you already know about it and just want to use it on World Fair Trade Day to make a positive impact, here are some ideas:

Social Media
This is by far the easiest way you can celebrate! Share some information about the benefits of fair trade on your social media outlets. Don’t forget to tag #WorldFairTradeDay

Coffee/ Tea Party
Fair trade coffee and tea are one of the most influential and widely-available fair trade certified products. You can pick them up at any major grocery store chain. With that being the case, host some friends for a fair trade tea party where you can celebrate its impact around the world and educate your friends using some free resources available at the Fair Trade USA website.

Request More Fair Trade
Having trouble finding fair trade products in your community? Bring these printable product requests cards to the managers of stores you frequent, so they can see that stocking fair trade certified products is a smart choice for their business.


Fair Trade Shopping
There are several cities that have smaller markets that really emphasize fair trade artisans, and some, such as Ten Thousand Villages, that only stock fair trade items. They are located in several cities. Most will be holding some special sales or events in honor of World Fair Trade Day, so it is a great day to patronize these businesses in order to show your support.

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