Love and how it can change everything…

It is clearly very important to care about global and domestic problems that are bigger than us. People that are held captive, children that feel unloved, and diseases that are preventable need to be paid attention to. This post is in no way meant to minimize that, but to address that we can serve people and spread God’s love in our own personal circles as well as with these larger issues. Oftentimes, I feel like I focus so much on volunteering  and talking about my passion, which is ending human trafficking, that I neglect to actively love the people that I am closest to. Obviously, I do love them and express that to them in my own way, but I do not actively choose to love them and express that love on a daily basis.

However, doing this can change the world by shining a light all around you. Also, it can change you. The church that I am a part of has started something called the “Love 30/30 Challenge” in which you receive and believe the fact that God has an unimaginably huge love for you, and then you reflect that love onto someone different each day for thirty days by sending an email or text to someone telling them that you love them. I am only on day four of this “challenge”, and God is already using it to deeply change my heart, and spread His love to people around me. How cool is that?

It is amazing how telling someone that you love them can make you happy, and it obviously has the same effect on most of them. In just four days of texting someone that I love them everyday, I have reconnected with a friend from high school, encouraged and been encouraged by my fellow small group leader at our University, and improved my own heart toward my dad and brother. Doing this can change your world, and maybe even the world surrounding you.

So, please consider doing this. For thirty days, tell a different person each day that you love them. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Are you going to do this? How is it going? Share your stories!


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