Donate a phone, change the world

phoneHave you upgraded your cellphone recently? Do you still have an old phone laying around? Now you can use it to truly make a huge impact on the world. You would also be reducing waste or clutter around your home. Medic Mobile uses a campaign called Hope Phones to advance healthcare in 16 countries using mobile technology. Hope Phones recycles old phones in order to fit its workers with the technology they need to effectively communicate effectively while they are working in the field. If they recycled only 1% of the phones that are thrown away each year, they would be able to outfit 1 million health workers.

And you can help! Just by donating a phone you don’t even use, you would be helping to make a positive impact on the world through health services. To make an even greater impact, ou can organize a collection drive for phones that we all know are collecting dust.

I love this idea and I think it is an easy and innovative way to help people. I hope you can join Hope Phones in advancing their mission to improve healthcare!

P.S. Please don’t forget to help Wellspring by contributing to my birthday project, if you are so inclined 🙂


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