MY Birthday Project

cakeYou may remember a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned here that I wanted to do something for my birthday that gives back, inspired by the birthday project at Charity: Water. I have finally decided and worked out the details of what I want to do.

First, some background. I volunteer weekly as a tutor for Wellspring Living’s Empowered Living Program. This is an amazing residential program for young women ages 17-23 who have survived sex trafficking. I have seen first hand the impact the program is having on people’s lives. They are responsible and intentional about the way they serve the women in the program- many of whom amaze me on a regular basis. A major component of this program is education- since many of the women could not reach the educational level they want or need due to what happened to them. The type of education each girl is pursuing is dependent on her individual goals and aspirations. Some are pursuing their GED, some an online high school diploma, and still others are enrolled in college. Something that would really help them is to have a Smart Board that can be used to help facilitate one-on-one and group teaching sessions, for both academic tutoring and life skills classes.

Therefore, for my 22nd birthday, I am asking my friends, family, and anyone else (all of you?) that would like to participate to help me purchase a Smart Board for Wellspring Living’s Empowered Living Program. The total cost that they have been quoted for the type of Mimioteach Smart Board and accompanying software they want is $846.94. That seems like a lot, but I really believe that we can reach that goal.birthday

To help purchase a Smart Board for Wellspring, please use this form. In the spot “does your donation relate to a project?” enter “Tirzah- Smartboard” or “ELP- smartboard” (see screenshot to the right) in order to ensure that your donation is going towards this much needed purchase.

Thank you for helping me make my birthday wish a reality!


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