Search the Web for Good

thHappy Saturday! I am so excited to share this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world. I just learned of it as I was researching a way to change the world without spending your time or money. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, apparently, it is not.

The search engine Good Search is powered by Yahoo and donates 50% of all revenue to a cause that YOU CHOOSE. So, simply searching the web (something we all do anyways), gives money to an organization doing something amazing. You can pick a cause, and add one if the one you want isn’t listed. Then, just use it instead when you are about to Google something. I am currently supporting International Rescue Committee, but I can change it on a daily basis to fit which cause I want to support that day with my internet searches.

They also have an online shopping wing similar to Amazon Smile.

Please do this! It is so easy. It literally requires next to none of your time, and no money, and it results in real world change.
Happy surfing!

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