Special Olympics

specialHappy weekend! I don’t know about you, but for me this weekend could not have come soon enough! The Olympics are on, which is super exciting! I love the spirit of unity, competition, and excellence that the Olympics represent. (I don’t like the way in which the handling of this year’s olympics has harmed a lot of their population who are poor or indigenous.) ANYWAYS, all of the excitement made me think of another type of Olympics… which are this week’s nonprofit highlight.

The Special Olympics (which are very different than the Paralympics) are an amazing international organization that provides training and competition to athletes with intellectual disabilities in a variety of sports. They really foster an amazing community. A good friend’s brother (who has down syndrome) competes every year and it is a major highlight for their family.

The best part is, it brings EVERYONE together. They organize unified sports, so athletes with and without intellectual disabilities can compete on the same teams. Also, they offer a variety of volunteering opportunities, some that even kids can do! In order to get involved, simply use this tool to find your local chapter and plug in! In my limited experience volunteering for things like this, it is always a good time!

Enjoy! Go team, go!

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