Change-Maker Highlight: CARE

careHappy Friday! This week, I had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of an incredible international NGO: CARE International. Like many of you, I had heard of CARE, and even participated in their Walk for Lasting Change. However, the visit to their headquarters opened my eyes to the truly global operation of CARE. They are a major player in the global humanitarian relief and poverty alleviation sector. There is absolutely no way to describe all that they do, but the work that stood out to me was their work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of my friends are refugees from the DRC and CARE works in that country to ensure full participation in government, improve women’s health, initiate Gender based violence prevention, help returning refugee populations get resettled, and reconstruction projects/ village savings projects. That’s just one country! CARE works to empower women and girls and provide disaster relief in 90 countries!

Besides their work in the DRC, CARE has an impressive change model. CARE w
orks with women and girls to cut off poverty at the roots. Educating girls is proven to empower entire communities. Then, CARE meets immediate needs with disaster relief in places like Yemen and Syria. All of that to say, they do significant work to change the world. 

YOU can join in their amazing work through donating here. Have a great, world-changing weekend!

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