STEP 5: DO —- Part 6: Found/ Career

“If the laborer gets no more than the wages which his employer pays him, he is cheated, he cheats himself.”
– Henry David Thoreau


Sometimes, your passion is something that people have not found a suitable way to fight. In this case, you may want to pray about and consider starting a non-profit organization. This is something that you should think about very carefully before you do it. Every organization has overhead costs. Therefore, the more organizations that exist, the less of people’s donations and time actually goes to direct services for an issue. However, every organization had to start somewhere and non-profit organizations are arguably the biggest players in changing the world. Therefore, once you have resolved that you can spend the time and found a non-profit, there are some steps you can follow. Take a look at the National Council of Nonprofits website in order to take steps to start nonprofits. You can find their information on the resources page.


After completing these steps, you may want to make a career out of changing the world. There are many ways to go about this, and one is definitely not better than the other. Personally, I have chosen to go to a university to major in social work and minor in non profit management in order to realize my goal of working in some capacity with survivors of sex trafficking or working in Moldova with Word Made Flesh. You, however, should pray about it and decide what path you should take. You can use whatever your  passion is and whatever your talents are to work in the non profit sector. Also, you do not need to have a bleeding heart for every person to make a career out of changing the world (although it doesn’t hurt). Alicia Phillips, the president of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, for example, uses her extreme business prowess to successfully lead “one of the largest and fastest growing philanthropic service organizations in the country”. All this is to say, that if you want to make a career out of changing the world. There is definitely a way to do it, no matter your age or education. You can found your own organization or work for one that already exists. Look at the Non Profit Career Guide

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